just breathe in recovery

Ali, 20, Utah, hippie, paul mitchell, taken, PTSD, manic bipolar, self harmer, eating disorder, cna, photographer, makeup artist, peace and love. I love you all.


Hello all my lovely followers, I have missed all of you since I have been gone! today has been the first day I have been on for more than ten minutes in about two months! I miss seeing your posts, but I have been having some troubles.

1. Alli told me she hopes I cut myself the right way because obviously I’m doing it wrong. I went “crazy” I went outside and left her a threating message which honestly she probably just laughed at. I was going to kill her. those were my intentions.

2. Justin and I broke up, and he took it very hard. He was calling me all the time and begging to get back I told him when he grew up we could talk then his aunt to me to cut myself the right way so I again went “crazy” and I told her to come fight me cos I will kill her. and so begins the next chapter of my life.

3. I told Justin I would never forgive him as he was begging my dad took my phone and had my number changed. So they have my car under lock and key, I had to quit my job and school. and I’m drugged. I feel calm but miserable. so I have therapy and a group of doctors. which sucks. But I got breathe out the bad and breathe in the good. Right?

4. I now have roy. I’m SOOOOO in love with him. and his baby boy, he calls me mama ali. so cute. I love them I have my own family. I’m blessed.

One of you asked me to vlog for you so I did but it got deleted so I have to redo it! I’m so sorry! I’m doing it today! xoxoxoxo.

Hey guys, the video won’t be up for a while my tablet deleted the good one so I’m going to have to redo it. I’m sorry!!

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